Government Procurement In-House Training

Government Procurement Hero Image.

In addition to improving performance, as a government contractor, you have a duty to properly train your employees on compliance matters. We help you meet this requirement by designing programs created specifically for your business that address compliance responsibilities at various employee levels of responsibility. Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Conduct in-house compliance training that sharpens your compliance program and demonstrates your commitment to compliance
  • Train personnel to protect intellectual property through proper recordkeeping and marking that minimize the potential for unintended disclosures
  • Provide procurement training to help in-house personnel negotiate contracts and subcontracts, prepare for audits, and recognize change activity when it occurs so proper notice and record retention can occur, thereby maximizing recovery
  • Review your existing ethics and compliance code to insure it is current and includes the latest statutory and regulatory requirements 
  • Clients frequently videotape our presentations, providing them with a product they can train absent or new employees, and also use as a “refresher” to enhance their compliance efforts