Personal Attention to Sensitive Immigration Matters

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The results obtained by your immigration counsel can determine whether your company can bring an essential employee on board or whether a foreign national family can take advantage of opportunities available in the United States. That is why we weigh the consequences of short-term immigration objectives against your long-term immigration-related goals, and then leverage our practical, technical knowledge to achieve consequential, and often irreversible, results.

Due to its autonomous nature, the State Department is not bound by prior immigration decisions made by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and may reapply laws and regulations as it deems fit. To reduce the chances of an application being denied, we are proactive in scheduling consular appointments in a timely manner; thoroughly preparing each application for consular review; and documenting, from inception, each individual visa application.

Additionally, should an application be denied, we use the State Department’s Washington, D.C. visa office to “appeal” legal errors committed by consular officers. When legally necessary, we also are adept at employing legal criteria to fulfill requisites for waivers of inadmissibility reserved for non-immigrant visa applicants.