Campaign Finance for Corporations, Nonprofits, and Donors

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Our campaign finance attorneys advise corporate and nonprofit clients, trade associations, issue organizations, and donors on state and federal campaign finance and political compliance. Among other things, we can advise you on creating and structuring appropriate entities for political involvement, represent you before state and federal regulatory bodies, and assist you with compliance issues that arise in the course of political activities.

Potential compliance issues on which we can advise you include:

  • Permissible political activity related to candidates, political parties, issue campaigns, and referendum committees
  • Political and fundraising activities by your corporation and/or its employees and executives
  • Political action committee creation, governance, and operations
  • Contributions and disclosure reporting
  • Permissible political activities for nonprofit entities under the Internal Revenue Code and other applicable federal and state laws
  • “Pay-to-play” restrictions for corporations with government contracts

Our computerized database of the campaign finance laws and regulations in all 50 states enables us to respond quickly to your questions about contribution limits, prohibitions, and disclosure requirements from across the country and under federal law.