Strategic Communication for Public Policy Actions

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The competition to gain access to the eyes and ears of critical stakeholders — government decision-makers, opinion leaders, and the media — is intense. Unless you have a clearly defined strategy and a well-crafted message at the start of your campaign — whether you are a business trying to redefine itself, an association facing a major grassroots battle, or a candidate running for office — defeat may be imminent.

Our Strategic Communications practitioners are recognized for developing strategies, crafting messages, and for designing campaigns to help you meet clearly defined objectives. After we thoroughly assess the environment and develop a strategic plan that clearly outlines the definition of success, we can help you set agreed-upon, clear goals and objectives for your campaign. Once the scope is clear, we can establish a feasible communications strategy, design the message, and outline the tactics — tracking it all within a realistic timeframe.

Our Strategic Communications counselors are highly skilled at rousing positive response from target audiences while avoiding conflict with other, less strategic audiences. And it is done while anticipating and countering the campaigns and messages put forth by opponents, competitors, and the media.

At the end of the day — or congressional session, or presidential term — our goal is to have your message heard and enable you to claim victory.

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