Public Policy and Government Relations

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Our Public Policy Practice has first-hand experience with and veteran insight into the White House, U.S. Congress, executive branch departments, and regulatory agencies. Our bipartisan team features a variety of political veterans, including former federal and state elected officials, senior-level political appointees from several presidential administrations, congressional chiefs of staff, counselors to federal and state agencies, and appointees. In addition, we have access to the eyes and ears of state and local government — and we know how to generate their interest. We can leverage our extensive relationships and our know-how to help you achieve your objectives in the public arena — with the level of intensity necessary to succeed.

We are known for devising and advocating practical and politically viable solutions to complex issues — often in a highly charged political environment. On certain matters, our political strategy calls for a limited and carefully calculated approach; on other matters, we establish broad-based coalitions or mobilize grassroots campaigns.

Our government relations practitioners have an in-depth understanding of the statutory and regulatory framework in which issues arise, coupled with strong ties with the White House, executive agencies, Congress, and state decision-makers and opinion leaders. This combination positions our Public Policy Practice as the ideal vanguard for your government relations initiatives. Whether you need legislation passed or stopped, administrative rules written or changed, trade issues tracked, or funding secured by a government contract, our front-line position can help you reach your goals.