Post-Acute and Senior Living Regulatory and Compliance

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State Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

Take advantage of our counsel on state licensing, as well as state and federal regulatory compliance, and on meeting change of ownership regulatory requirements. Our attorneys can assist you in responding to surveys, appealing findings of non-compliance, and resolving regulatory issues with oversight agencies. We defend enforcement actions aggressively and can represent you in a broad range of regulatory matters.

Medicare and Medicaid Certification and Reimbursement

Tap into our deep knowledge on the requirements for federal Medicare and Medicaid certification, as well as applications and renewals. This includes negotiating legal, enforceable third-party contracts. We can also counsel you regarding reimbursement and coverage and cost-reporting issues, as well as responding to audits and appealing audit findings to the Provider Reimbursement Review Board (PRRB).

Health Care Fraud and Abuse and Corporate Compliance 

Look to us for help in developing compliance plans and training staff. Our team will partner with you to identify and address fraud and abuse issues, as well as effect compliance in reimbursement, licensing, tax, and insurance. Considering business transactions and arrangements? Let us review them to determine the legality under applicable health care laws and regulations.

Not-for-Profit Representation

Our attorneys have represented not-for-profit providers across the United States and can offer you seasoned advice for maintaining tax-exempt status and structuring transactions to comply with applicable tax regulations.

Fair Housing Compliance 

You can rely on our counseling and defense services when facing allegations of noncompliance with Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act), as well as state and local statutes and regulations. To help you mitigate your risk, we can review your operations to help ensure your compliance with the Fair Housing Act and applicable federal law regarding discrimination.

Certificate of Need and Health Planning 

When you are looking to begin new construction, launch expansion projects, or sell your facilities, we can assist with applications for Certificates of Need and Certificates of Exemption. As necessary, we will work to appeal decisions and amend or revise a Certificate of Need or Certificate of Exemption.

Medicaid Waiver Programs 

We have extensive experience in assisting with Medicaid waiver program applications to provide assisted living, and can also lobby for the development of various waiver programs.