Retail Distribution and Franchises

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Our attorneys can help you with building and protecting the logistical structure for how your products get to market. In addition to drafting or reviewing and negotiating distributorship, sales representation, supply, and franchise agreements and programs, we routinely counsel clients with regard to all aspects of their domestic and international distribution, commissioned agency, and supply and franchise arrangements.

We also have decades of experience counseling franchisors and franchisees in all phases of the franchise operations and business relationships. We are well versed in identifying and solving the complicated legal questions you face when structuring and financing franchise programs; renewing, revising, and expanding existing franchise networks; and in the acquisition, syndication, sale, and termination of franchises. Our attorneys also negotiate and resolve disputes between franchisors and franchisees, and, when the need arises, represent you in litigation and mediation to protect your interests. Through the multiple layers of municipal, state, and federal administration and licensing, we can counsel your franchise operation on fees, taxes, various disclosure requirements, and compliance regulations. We will represent your commercial interests in hearings and legislative rulemaking sessions before state and federal legislative agencies and commissions.