Retail Industry Acquisitions and Dispositions, Corporate Governance, and Financing

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Whether you are growing or consolidating your business, our attorneys will provide sophisticated legal advice on the most important issues you are facing in today’s ever-changing environment, including all aspects of corporate governance, merger and acquisition and disposition transactions (whether an entire business, a line of products, or only certain locations), securities matters, corporate counseling, and other transactional and securities issues.

We have experience in a variety of specialized transactions, including commercial loan, public finance, and asset securitization transactions. Our interdisciplinary team of attorneys offers a fully integrated approach to serving your corporate governance and finance needs. We provide sophisticated counsel and representation to corporations, boards of directors, board committees, corporate officers, shareholders, and other parties regarding the issues that stem from changes in securities and accounting rules and other regulations.

We also have strong experience in tax law, ERISA, corporate law, accounting, SEC regulatory requirements, and relevant state law to efficiently deliver comprehensive advice regarding your executive compensation and succession issues.