Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Asset Management Within Corporate Strategic Plan

IP Asset Management Hero Image.

We understand that your company’s entire IP portfolio should reflect shareholder value and fit within the company’s strategic objectives. Our IPAM attorneys work with you to complete a detailed IP asset management inventory, focused on reinforcing and improving best practices to achieve your business goals.


  • Identify ways to improve existing IP management practices or create new ones 
  • Develop an implementation plan and milestones 
  • Ensure the plan fully supports the corporate strategic plan

We will begin by performing an initial analysis, which will be used to develop an IP asset management plan that maps to your corporate strategic plan.

Elements of the IP asset management plan include the following custom deliverables: 

  • Alignment of IP goals and objectives with corporate strategy 
  • Recommended tasks to achieve agreed upon IP portfolio 
  • Designated milestones in the IP portfolio defined 
  • A projected cost analysis 
  • Outcomes measured in financial terms following project launch (e.g., increase in shareholder value)

Areas of emphasis may also include mapping competitive IP, mapping product protection, analyzing trends, designing individual and corporate incentive programs, assessing the nature and extent of IP awareness (and ways to raise it), and evaluating work allocations.