Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Management Practices Inventory

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As part of our IPAM inventory service, your Foley team will perform an initial inventory of your intellectual property management practices, and benchmark them against best practices of similarly sized corporations with similar product lines. Your customized inventory analysis will address the question of what IP management process occurs in your company and how the processes and procedures are managed. This is a thorough, preliminary review of extant systems coupled with a set of recommendations that will enable your company to build and improve its current system.


  • Determine the nature and extent of your IP management practices 
  • Compare and align your current practices with “best practices”

Work Plan and Deliverables

Onsite interviews and system review will be scheduled. These interviews will determine the nature and extent of selected employees’ knowledge and their IP management skills and practice. Interviews will be completed within two to three days. A final report will be produced, which includes an evaluation of your organization’s IP management system; a briefing explaining the results; and an industry standards reference document. We will meet with your management personnel for a half-day briefing session to discuss the results and alternatives for improving IP management practices.