Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Performance Metrics

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Measuring and determining IP success is a challenge for all clients, regardless of size or industry, particularly when that success is on the minds of stakeholders, including senior managers, board members, investors, and stock analysts.

Measuring & Determining IP Success

Our IPAM Team members can help you tabulate and publish metrics and measurements on your IP performance using our proprietary valuation of IP portfolios. This valuation will demonstrate the robustness of your company’s patent portfolio and identify areas of opportunity and potential revenue loss. Recommendations can be related to developing IP management performance metrics, including: 

  • Internal measurement and reporting of IP management 
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) 141/142 compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance 
  • Strengthening shield from shareholder spoliation of wasting IP suits
  • Budgeting for IP function and for contingency planning

Examples of the IP management performance metrics we have analyzed and compiled include:

  • Claim quality of company patents and quality checklist 
  • Percentage of sales from products covered by patents 
  • Percentage of sales covered by patents indexed against peer company pipeline impact (or similar) on company patents 
  • Pipeline impact indexed against peer companies

Further recommendations pertaining to IP risk management through performance metrics include: 

  • Internal measurement of risk management and follow-up reporting 
  • Strategic analysis to help mitigate risk from patent infringement and other suits 
  • Development of a budget for risk management and contingency planning