Intellectual Property

Developing and Executing an Effective IP Litigation Strategy

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All trademarks, copyrights, and advertising are not equal in value and importance to a company. The cost and length to which your company should go to develop and protect its right to enforce or continue use of these assets vary depending upon your goals, resources, and situation. Our TCA Litigators have extensive experience in dealing with virtually every possible protection scenario across scores of industries. They work with you to evaluate your position and, when advisable, develop comprehensive litigation strategies to help you take on competitors and infringers.

Services include:

Initial Dispute Analysis
Whether another company appears to be infringing your IP rights, or someone has claimed that you are infringing, it is critical to know the current state of the applicable law and to investigate thoroughly the facts at the outset to determine your best course of action

Forum Selection
Our TCA Litigators’ broad experience enables them to help you select or change, if possible, to the most favorable forum or make the best of the forum forced upon you