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Best Practices for IT Transactions

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We are continually refining and improving our best-practice approach to IT transactions and counseling based on our experience with thousands of transactions for different businesses and industries. Our mission is to add value to your transaction. We do this by using our experiences to develop efficient and practical approaches to address your technology needs. The result: market -tested solutions that simplify and expedite all stages of your project. Our value added tools include:

Structured Negotiation Process: Our unique structured approach to negotiations streamlines the process by: 1) creating a negotiation work plan that identifies your critical issues upfront; 2) allowing you to resolve or escalate identified issues to avoid surprises and delays; 3) ensuring negotiations that are focused and productive; and 4) facilitating prompt and complete document turnaround.

Business Decision Matrix: We commonly use a business decision matrix to provide business context to our recommendations, efficiently obtain input from your business leaders on targeted issues that are important to your company and the transaction, and facilitate resolution of conflicting inputs.

Checklists: Our checklists focus on single subjects, such as software license, security due diligence, or maintenance and support, and incorporate critical discussions of the business issues that each item on the list is intended to address.

FOLEY IntelliSourceSM: We developed this online service to provide a pricing and service alternative for certain software license and IT professional services license agreements. For a set fee, a standard vendor agreement form will be reviewed within 24 hours after an expedited conflict review is performed, and you will receive a red-line document review that includes an assessment of the issues and risks as well as suggested solutions.

Data Collection and Transaction Management Tools: We have developed electronic tools that capture relevant information regarding technology agreements and enable electronic storage and retrieval of agreements and amendments.