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Cloud and Other Online Issues

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Cloud and other online services have mushroomed in recent years. Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating every kind of cloud-related engagement, including software as a service, application service provider, hosted services, and infrastructure as a service, among others. Our experience with hundreds of transactions affords us the ability to quickly identify key issues, expedite negotiations, and help ensure you are adequately protected. We also have developed various best-practice checklists and template approaches for these engagements. We have worked with clients like you in the retail, auto, manufacturing, consumer sales, and in highly regulated industries, such as financial services and health care, with regard to every aspect of doing business in the cloud. Our attorneys offer significant experience in areas such as mobile application development and deployment, strategic partnering arrangements, marketing, electronic payments, including e-wallet applications, credit card transactions, telecommunications, regulatory compliance, privacy, and information security. We continuously track the latest guidance from regulators regarding cloud and online issues and best practices to ensure compliance and efficiency.