Litigators and Trial Lawyers, Not Just eDiscovery Attorneys

Litigation Hero Image.

eDiscovery is not an end in itself, but a foundational component of a larger litigation matter. eDiscovery should not be conducted in a vacuum — it should be managed by attorneys with real-life courtroom experience, an understanding of the case, substantive backgrounds in the underlying issues, and an understanding of the client’s business objectives.

At Foley, we pride ourselves on being full-service litigators and trial lawyers, from pre-litigation investigations through trial and appeals. In addition to our facility with eDiscovery, we are seasoned litigators and trial lawyers with extensive experience in myriad subject matters, including antitrust, bankruptcy, construction, consumer financial services, distribution, health care, intellectual property, insurance, labor and employment, data privacy, securities, and white collar criminal defense. Our eDiscovery attorneys bring the substantive knowledge and courtroom experience that is essential to any successful litigation engagement.