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The decision to reduce your workforce is never easy. Our attorneys can assist you by exploring ways to reduce personnel-related costs without a RIF — including job sharing, voluntary terminations/early retirement, shortened work weeks, furloughs, or downsizing through natural attrition. When there is no other alternative, our attorneys can assist with a RIF, ensuring that it is done properly and in the manner most able to avoid exposure and risk for claims and lawsuits. 

When a RIF is a company’s path, Foley’s web-based tools lead human resource managers through the entire process from pre-RIF planning; training business managers; making, documenting, and reviewing selections; conducting a disparate impact analysis; preparing disclosures; prepping for termination meetings; and collecting and retaining documentation.

If our clients are required to provide a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act and/or mini-WARN notice for major layoffs and plant closings, our attorneys can prepare this important notice within hours after clients have responded to Foley’s two-page WARN questionnaire.