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Our Food & Beverage Industry Team combines legal, regulatory, and scientific experience to help you address increasing industry challenges and protect your interests.

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There is no shortage of challenges facing businesses in the food and beverage industry — bioterrorism and food and beverage safety regulations, labeling class actions, genetically modified ingredients, nanotech, nutrition politics, changing product availability, regulated prices, mandatory labeling, product recalls, and mounting processing issues, to name just a few. These are not simply legal challenges — they affect every aspect of how food and beverage sector companies like yours do business.

To address the challenges and opportunities in this competitive environment, our interdisciplinary Food & Beverage Industry Team provides comprehensive legal and lobbying services for companies that produce, distribute, or sell food and beverages, and the businesses that deal with them. We represent manufacturers, processors, packers, farmers, warehousemen, distributors, brokers, wholesalers, and retailers in structuring their organizations, navigating regulatory processes, and protecting the proprietary rights associated with their products and technologies. We also assist agribusinesses, importers/exporters, food and beverage service organizations, trade associations, and equipment manufacturers.

Check out our latest handbook “Food & Beverage Supply Chain Desk Reference” which provides easy to digest answers and analysis across a range of topics including battle of the forms, distribution options, warranties, product recalls, indemnification, and antitrust laws.

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