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Payor Provider Convergence

Maximizing Impact in Payor – Provider Convergence

Payor Provider Convergence Hero Image.

Seismic shifts in health care continue to roil the industry. Convergence in the health care market has blurred lines between payors and providers, opening new paths for all involved. Yet, those paths open up even more potential regulatory issues for two already highly regulated industries, from privacy and security issues to tax and licensing concerns. In this environment, success depends upon previously opposing business interests partnering and working together to build effective strategies.

Foley is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the changing landscape, limit liability and manage risk, having represented both payors and providers for decades and developed intersecting specialties.  The combined power of our renowned health care practice and seasoned insurance regulatory group, along with our subject matter experts, equips clients with essential tools to thrive. Foley’s integrated approach to service offers clients an unrivaled advantage. Not only do Foley’s attorneys have individual expertise, but they also span a vast geography, and our knowledge of – and connections with – diverse regulators and agencies across the US gives you a critical competitive edge.

As national leaders in this space, Foley has built an impressive record of accomplishment. Whether we’re setting up a private equity-backed Medicare Advantage plan and helping it to develop its provider network; advising on the acquisition of an AI-based software platform; representing a hospital system in developing a joint venture accountable care organization, or risk bearing entity with a health plan; or helping a hospital system form or acquire an insurance company affiliate, we have the right experience base to pull from. Foley prides itself on working collaboratively with our clients on new, innovative products and structures, which can only be accomplished with a bench as deep and diversified as ours. So, find your way forward with Foley, and join the growing list of companies exceeding their goals with payor -provider convergence.