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Strengthening Your Position in Pharmaceuticals and Other Regulated Drugs

Pharmaceuticals Hero Image.

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are having a moment. Fresh off the success of game-changing vaccines against COVID-19, the industry is poised for growth, leveraging economic expansion and positive consumer sentiment to fuel its forward momentum. Opportunities abound – but challenges loom on the horizon. As investment pours into the market, businesses that thrive will be the ones capable of harnessing the power of emerging technology and navigating the swells of shifting public opinion. With the right legal advice and smart strategic planning, they can maximize their upside and build a pipeline for steady revenue flow.

At Foley, our renowned practices in intellectual property and the life sciences provide big pharma and traditional biotech outfits with expert guidance to optimize business performance. Our services extend beyond IP to include specialty support in litigation, transactional, clinical trials, and FDA regulatory work.

We are also highly skilled in issues related to the emerging area of bioinformatics. Data is at the heart of drug development, and companies need the capacity to process and interpret massive volumes of it. Harnessing that data to inform decision-making is critical to long-term viability. Increasingly, companies can leverage innovative technologies like artificial intelligence to address matters ranging from sourcing material and supply chain to identifying prime candidates and locations for clinical trials. Foley is at the forefront of trends in the field, helping you build a roadmap for progress and making critical connections that position you to thrive.

Today, clinical trials are more in demand than ever before. Negotiating the agreements that green-light these trials is a core competency at Foley; we put our clients in the driver’s seat and get them ready to go.

Central to clients’ success in this arena is effective customer messaging around drug pricing, another of our primary advisory services in the pharmaceutical sphere. It’s a story that’s not often told – or, often, not told well: What key inputs determine a medication’s cost? How often do Phase I trials fold, their promise unrealized, leaving manufacturers holding the bag? How expensive are vital ingredients? In a crowded communications marketplace, Foley finds ways for clients to make their points and be heard.

Where other firms might provide a discrete service, Foley’s 1,100 attorneys work together to offer holistic, practical counsel– customizing our legal advice to your company’s business strategy and getting to the heart of your concerns. At Foley, we think bigger, offering you a panoramic perspective and integrated approach that analyzes your goals and equips you to reach them.