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Health Tech and Genomics.

Today’s health tech and genomics market has rapidly become a central piece of our economy, with innovations in areas such as precision medicine and digital health care. From advances in early cancer diagnosis to new therapies based on a patient’s own genotype, companies are blazing a trail to prominence – and profits – as they redefine the boundaries of medicine.

But technological change can outpace regulators, and Foley excels at helping organizations avoid legal pitfalls. Our team offers clients access to seasoned lawyers who know their way around the courtroom, the boardroom, and the laboratory, leveraging deep backgrounds in technology and engineering to understand the problems you are solving.

Personalization appears to be one of the new keys. A decade ago, companies targeted broad categories of disease, such as cancer, for scientific breakthroughs; today, leaders in the field are pursuing discovery at a more granular level. Their efforts are focused on individual patients and specific disease types, and companies are pioneering therapies and treatments maximized for personal impact.

This spirit of innovation is also powering a wave of new medical equipment. Advances have led to increased portability, allowing for outpatient or at-home examination, diagnosis, and treatment, especially where coupled with telemedicine. 3D printing and other additive manufacturing techniques have opened up the world of customized implants, while robotics-assisted surgery has become an essential part of the hospital environment, benefitting patients across the board.

Another trending area is the use of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Whether developing drugs through DNA sequencing or innovating in the arena of programmable medicine, companies are increasingly reliant on these technologies to augment their work. With technology at the core of their business operations, they are facing a raft of related issues, from intellectual property concerns to questions about data privacy and security.

Foley’s health tech and genomics team can assist with the questions surrounding these groundbreaking advances, leveraging our lawyers’ dual backgrounds in science and law to probe where they intersect. Whether exploring a strategic partnership to fuel research, seeking to protect and monetize de novo patents, or navigating the vast regulatory landscape governing this sector, we are ready to be your partner for the future.