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Our product distribution and franchise attorneys help clients negotiate and defend dealer, distributor, and franchise agreements that support and drive their clients’ business goals.

Franchise and distribution law frequently overlap, but Foley treats each area as a separate area of law in order to serve the specific needs of those businesses with distribution networks, and those with national or international franchise networks. In both models, product distribution law has become increasingly complex over the years, involving overlapping (and often contradictory) federal and state laws. 

Distribution & Franchise OfferingsStrength in Both Distribution and Franchise Law

We have the national reach, industry knowledge, and the specific product distribution and franchise law experience necessary to help some of the country’s largest and best-known companies negotiate effective risk-mitigating contracts that protect their interests and advance their strategic and tactical goals. On the product or service manufacturing and distribution side, we successfully defend clients in commercial disputes and government inquiries involving dealer network consolidation, system standards and upgrades, exclusivity enforcement, and prohibitions against aftermarket and non-genuine parts as well as in termination, non-renewals, and other competition-driven changes. On the franchising side, we help global restaurant, food service, and retail chains establish new systems and strengthen existing ones, representing clients on issues ranging from franchising agreements to anti-competition, state and federal regulations, tax, IP, joint employment, supply chain, bankruptcy, and even business succession planning.

Comprehensive Representation

Our product distribution and franchise lawyers offer:

  • Cross-disciplinary legal teams with comprehensive solutions
  • Proactive risk identification/management
  • Transparency in matter management, fees, and client communication
  • Efficient use of technology
  • Up-to-date and relevant thought leadership

National Coverage for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Franchisors

When dispute resolution is necessary, we are ready. We have litigated or arbitrated on behalf of clients in all 50 states.

D&F States Litigated In

Whatever the need, the overarching goal of Foley’s product distribution and franchise practice group is to help build beneficial and productive relationships between manufacturers, franchisors, suppliers, and distributors.

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Foley’s Distribution & Franchise Practice Group offers its clients an interactive electronic resource for up-to-date information on distribution and franchise laws in every U.S. state (as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands). To access the map, go to map.foley.com.

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