On Trial

Welcome to On Trial, a podcast dedicated to the art of trial with host Christopher DeGennaro, a commercial litigation lawyer at Foley & Lardner in the firm’s New York office with a focus on trial practice. Chris has been fascinated by trials since he was in grade school, when both his parents served as prosecutors in suburban Philadelphia. On sick days from school, he went to work with his mother—often to court, where he sat in a back row and watched. Instantly, he was captivated by persuasive story-telling and trial advocacy. And ever since, he's been on a path to developing his own trial skills, starting out as a NYC prosecutor, clerking in a federal trial court, and now representing clients in high-stakes, commercial cases in trial courts across the country. This podcast explores all things related to the art of trial, including in particular, its artists—trial lawyers. Throughout the series, Chris will talk to trial lawyers from different areas of practice, hearing their stories and exploring the most interesting and important elements of trying cases.

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