Brinckerhoff Quoted on USPTO

23 October 2009 BNA’s Life Sciences Law & Industry Report News
Foley Partner Courtenay Brinckerhoff was quoted in an article titled "PTO Decision to Rescind Continuation, RCE Rules Applauded" in the October 23, 2009 issue of BNA's Life Sciences Law & Industry Report. Brinckerhoff discusses the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to rescind final rules limiting patent continuation and claims practice, noting that continuations and RCEs are often required in life sciences applications to obtain a scope of patent protection that adequately covers the invention. She adds that USPTO Director David Kappos’ comments that the Patent Office will work to implement improvements to make the USPTO more efficient signals positive changes that are needed to improve the U.S patent process and maintain the vibrancy and competitiveness of many U.S. industries.

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