Court Rules in Favor of CPA in Trademark Case

20 July 2015 News

According to Law360, a Texas federal judge ruled that Canada Pipeline Accessories Co. Ltd. had a valid trademark on its CPA-50E flow conditioner. The decision was made following a two-day trial in which RJ Machine Co. Inc. argued that it should be allowed to use the 50E name for its own competing product. 

RJ Machine claimed that its competitor had an invalid trademark on the 50E terms, which referred to a design whose patent from the 1990s had expired. The company said CPA had since improperly used the trademark registration to preclude other companies from selling their flow conditioners. The court denied RJ's claim and awarded costs to CPA, leaving the 50E trademarks as CPA's protected intellectual property. 

CPA was represented by Gardere Attorneys James G. Munisteri, Mark A. Mayfield and Jared A. Wilkerson.

The full article can be accessed here.

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