Schulz Quoted on Sports Media Rights in Changing TV Landscape

04 August 2015 Law360 News


Partner Kevin Schulz was quoted in a Law360 article, “Sports Media Attys Must Adapt As Consumers Cut The Cord,” on August 4, 2015. The article examined new ways for structuring sports media deals, as more consumers move to Internet content providers and other non-traditional pay TV vehicles to watch live sports programming. Schulz says sports media rights contracts must strike a balance and specify what rights are being sold and retained.

“If you only sell me cable TV rights for example, and suddenly in five years everybody is watching games on their watch or on their phone, I have just paid for a bundle of rights that aren’t that valuable,” Schulz said. “But if I close the loop and get everything in terms of the way that content is delivered, then as things shift from one way to another, I still capture that value and I am not paying for a bunch of rights that are no longer valuable.”

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