The Verge Quotes Gardere Cybersecurity Chair Peter Vogel on Equifax Class Action Next Steps

11 September 2017 News

Peter Vogel, chair of Gardere’s internet, eCommerce and technology group and co-chair of the cybersecurity and privacy legal services team, has been quoted in The Verge on potential next steps surrounding class actions related to the Equifax data hack.  

The article reports, “Equifax seems like it’s going to put up a fight, so help in the form of chatbots can’t hurt. Peter Vogel, a trial and transactional lawyer in Texas, says, ‘I believe that Equifax will fight class action lawsuits [and] small claims courts actions. That does not mean that Equifax will prevail, but ... given the scope of the 143 million individuals, it strikes me that Equifax will want to make this as complicated as possible for consumers.’”

Well-known as both a trial and transactional lawyer who deeply understands technology, science and IP, Vogel is relied upon by governments and administrative agencies, as well as major corporations and emerging businesses to get right to the heart of an information technology or e-discovery dispute.

The entire article can be found here.

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