Lacktman Discusses CMS’ Physician-Texting Position Amid Reports of Banning mHealth Messaging

29 December 2017 mHealthIntelligence News
Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in an mHealthIntelligence article, “CMS Clarifies Texting Rules Amid Rumors of mHealth Message Ban,” about the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ position on physician texting following reports that the agency was planning to ban the mHealth messaging platform. CMS Survey and Certification Group Director David Wright confirmed that texting patient information among patient care providers is permitted if sent via a secure messaging platform and texting patient orders is forbidden, regardless of the platform, and must only be submitted via a certified provider order entry.

mHealthIntelligence referenced Lacktman’s Dec. 29 LinkedIn post, in which he reiterated that the CMS hasn’t changed its position on physician texting and that it aligns with the Joint Commission’s position, which was last updated in 2016.