Vogel Comments on BYOD Policies

March 2019 Financier Worldwide News
Of Counsel Peter Vogel was quoted in a Financier Worldwide article, “Balancing BYOD: risks and rewards,” about employers allowing employees to use their own personal devices at work.

Vogel said cybercrime is the number one topic of discussion in 2019 because criminals know and understand how vulnerable people are. “There is so much malware sent by phishing emails it boggles the mind, and there is little hope that this will improve in the foreseeable future,” he said. “The [FBI] estimates the time from initial cyber intrusion until detection is about eight months. So what happens during those eight months to cell phones, tablets and home computers is the really scary part, including theft of credit card information, health care data and personal identifiable information. The simple solution is to train employees to be more aware of phishing and malware emails, and to not open an attachment or URL link if the content does not pass the ‘smell’ test.”

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