Agarwal Comments on AI’s Impact on Automotive IP Protection Strategies

14 October 2020 Automotive World News

Partner Pavan Agarwal was quoted in an Automotive World article, “How will artificial intelligence impact automotive IP protection strategies?” about the need for automobile manufacturers and mobility providers to become more strategic in how they protect intellectual property.

Agarwal said it’s important to look at the IP agreements that exist between collaborating companies, which have changed considerably over the years. “The automotive industry is quite different than it was a decade ago,” he said. “The traditional tier relationships have been disrupted by the entry of numerous technology players, big and small. It’s also been impacted by the change of the car from something primarily mechanical to something closer to a computer on wheels.”

Looking ahead, Agarwal expects a continued acceleration in patent filings, particularly around the AI space within autonomous vehicle applications. “Autonomous driving relies heavily on data and unique ways of processing data very quickly,” he said. “We will see tremendous growth in terms of companies developing and then seeking to protect their IP.”

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