Ridley Quoted in Legaltech News About Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2021

29 December 2020 Legaltech News News

Partner Eileen Ridley was quoted in the Legaltech News article, “Legal Tech’s Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2021,” outlining what attorneys and legal technologists are watching out for in the new year.


Ridley told Legaltech she anticipates that “ransomware attacks will become more sophisticated and include the use of ‘deepfake’ videos” in 2021.


Deepfake videos are manipulated videos created by AI which create images that appear real. According to Ridley: “While deepfake videos gained some notoriety in 2020 (particularly in the political context), they are likely to be incorporated in cyberattacks including ransomware efforts. Companies will need to re-assess their privacy policies and training to incorporate the existence of deepfake videos and educate their workforce in how to identify and respond to them.”


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