Ridley and Millendorf Quoted in Legaltech News About Tech Regulation in 2021

05 January 2021 Legaltech News News

Partner Eileen Ridley and Senior Counsel Steve Millendorf were quoted in the Legaltech News article, “Legal Tech’s Predictions for Tech Regulation in 2021,” about upcoming changes to regulations that govern the use of technologies.

Ridley told Legaltech News: “Biometrics will be more broadly available and adopted by the public. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic and related necessity for remote communications will result in the greater use of biometrics to authorize access to a variety of private information (particularly including health and financial data). There will be a push to offer feasible ‘digital identities’ through the use of biometrics. However, this rise will be accompanied with greater exposure to cyber hacking (similar to the recent attacks on health institutions).”

According to Millendorf: “Major revisions to U.S. Communications Decency Act (CDA) Section 230. Section 230 shields interactive computer service providers from liability for information provided by third party content providers. With U.S. lawmakers of both parties calling for its replacement for large social media networks, we expect that there will be a number of federal bills in 2021 that seek to greatly limit its protections. However, these bills may potentially be limited as to remove or limit protections from larger companies that meet certain thresholds, effectively limiting the impact to large social media companies.”

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