Lehot Quoted in Crunchbase on Factors Impacting Stock Prices After an IPO

19 July 2021 Crunchbase News

Partner Louis Lehot was quoted in a Crunchbase article titled, “This Is How 2020’s Biggest Tech IPOs Have Fared On The Stock Market Roller Coaster.” The article examines how 2020 was a big year for initial public offerings, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary pause it put on the public market debuts. However, many of those newly public companies have seen their stock prices dip from their levels at the beginning of the year.

Lehot told Crunchbase, “Stocks typically trade down after a few events. Usually, it’s right after an IPO, if the investment banks didn’t do their job right, if the company didn’t issue a secondary offering after six months of being public, if there are changes in management, or if a company misses expectations or has bad financial results.”

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