Jeffrey Kopp Comments on UAW Targeted Strikes Against Detroit Automakers

14 September 2023 CNBC News

Foley & Lardner LLP partner Jeffrey Kopp is quoted in the CNBC article, “Everything you need to know about UAW’s targeted strike plans – and possible lockouts,” and the article, “UAW strike: Union battle with Detroit automakers escalates to PR war, will hurt consumers,” in both The Detroit Free Press and USA Today, commenting on the United Auto Workers (UAW) targeted strikes against Detroit automakers.

Kopp cautioned in CNBC that there are “significant, important factors” companies need to consider to determine if lockouts or other such “actions might be legal and appropriate.” In The Detroit Free Press and USA Today, he explained that the strike could backfire if the union’s demands are publicly viewed as being too unreasonable.

“The overwhelming majority of the national public already is skeptical that a four-day workweek proposed by the UAW will permit the Big 3 to remain competitive with the foreign counterparts," he added.

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