Twitter Subpoena Stand-Off Ends with a Twimper

21 May 2010 Publication

E-Commerce Times

Pennsylvania AG Tom Corbett has abandoned his effort to pry identifying information on two account holders from Twitter, saying his reason for issuing a subpoena has become moot. Corbett — who recently won the Republican nomination for governor — had come under fire for allegedly misusing his office in order to silence critics. The ACLU got involved in the fray, ready to go to bat for the tweeters if necessary.

A brewing battle between Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett and Twitter is apparently over. Following Twitter’s refusal to comply with a subpoena demanding identifying information on two of its account holders, the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania rolled up its sleeves to prepare a defense. However, Corbett, who recently won the Republican nomination for governor, has decided not to pursue the matter.

The AG said the reason for the subpoena was to obtain information that would establish a defendant’s lack of remorse in a sentencing hearing that took place Friday.

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