Big Data and Its Implications for Corporate Decision-Making

03 October 2014 Publication
Authors: Benjamin R. Dryden Howard W. Fogt Chanley T. Howell James R. Kalyvas Ethan D. Lenz Mark J. Neuberger Michael R. Overly Eileen R. Ridley Alan D. Rutenberg Aaron K. Tantleff Morgan J. Tilleman

In 2004, the total amount of data stored on the entire Internet was roughly equivalent to 100 years of all television content. By 2011, the amount of data stored electronically was equivalent to 36 million years of high-def (HD) video, and the numbers continue to increase exponentially. With all of that information comes opportunity, and risk.

How can business executives and legal counsel understand Big Data and its implications on corporate decision-making? With the publication of Big Data: A Business and Legal Guide, Foley attorneys James Kalyvas and Michael Overly hope to “…help executives, managers, and counsel to better understand the interrelationships between Big Data and the laws, regulations, and contracting practices that may have an impact on the use of Big Data” and “…introduce the concept of a ‘thoughtful pause’ between hearing what you can do with Big Data and deciding whether to do it.”

Topics covered include:

  • Framework for analyzing Big Data issues and their effect on business decisions
  • Security and privacy aspects of Big Data, including protected health information
  • Analysis of risk management, electronic discovery, and other litigation aspects of Big Data
  • Guidance on insuring for Big Data risk and the limits of Big Data in using competitive intelligence
  • Human resource implications of Big Data
  • Effective licensing approaches to be applied to Big Data

The book is available for purchase online.

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