Careful: Your Refrigerator Might Be Listening (Think IoT)!

01 December 2017 Publication

Texas Lawyer

Peter S. Vogel, chair of Gardere’s internet, eCommerce and technology industry team, along with senior attorneys Eric Levy and Edward H. Block, co-authored an article for Texas Lawyer on the vulnerability of connected devices, and the steps consumers can take to protect their data and themselves. 

“Over the last five years, the ‘Internet of Things’ (or IoT—the term used to describe the ever-growing collection of physical objects connected to the internet) has grown substantially. We have more ‘smart’ devices in our homes, offices, cars and on our persons, and these IoT devices can do everything from regulating the temperature in the bedroom to helping us avoid local traffic jams to letting us know we’re out of beets (we must remember to somehow disable that last function),” write the authors.

Subscribers can read the entire article here.

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