FTC Consumer Protection

Our Federal Trade Commission Counsel team has extensive experience representing clients who are under investigation or who have been sued by the FTC. In addition, we meet in person with individual FTC Commissioners, their chief executives, and staffers. Not only do we work with the FTC's Washington, D.C.-based office – our FTC practitioners are throughout the country and regularly handle investigations and litigation brought by the FTC's regional offices. We understand that great harm can be done through the media, advocacy groups, and other government officials, so we work proactively with our federal and state lobbyists and media and strategic communications experts to put together and work on an integrated strategy to make sure that our client’s position is properly communicated and heard.

Our Federal Trade Commission practitioners work on behalf of clients to address a wide variety of matters arising as a result of FTC investigation and possible overreach, including, to name a few:

  • Court challenges to the FTC’s authority to unilaterally and retroactively change law
  • Defend against FTC investigations and litigation against retailers
  • Defend against FTC antitrust investigations and litigation

In addition, our FTC practice has the unique advantage of incorporating Foley's nationwide State Attorneys General practice expertise. State Attorneys General and their consumer protection, antitrust, and other relevant staffers regularly coordinate investigations and litigation with the FTC.