Klug Takes Issue With Media’s Trump Coverage

01 February 2019 The Capital Times News

Public Affairs Director Scott Klug is quoted in an article in The Capital Times, “Paul Fanlund: Is the national press being unfair to Donald Trump?” about Klug’s contention that leading national newspapers have strayed toward anti-Trump advocacy in their news reporting.

Klug contends that The New York Times and the Washington Post have gone too far, seldom producing straightforward news stories about Trump without injecting the Russia investigation or some other criticism that is peripheral to the main topic, an opinion he said he shares with a fellow member of the board of advisers at Medill, Northwestern University’s journalism school and his alma mater.

Both agree that the Times has “essentially gone hook, line and sinker to be anti-Trump champions,” Klug said, adding, “But what happens after Trump is gone?”


Scott L. Klug

Director, Public Affairs