Public Policy & Government Relations

Public Policy and Government Relations Hero Image.

Foley’s Public Policy and Government Relations group provides services covering the full spectrum of public policy, combining comprehensive counsel with proficiency in government relations, political law, strategic positioning, and communications with the practice of law, when needed. Protecting the needs and interests of our clients in the public arena is demanding and requires focused discipline and strategic counsel. Our team brings diverse experience and deep knowledge as well as responsive and creative business solutions. We can represent clients federally, in discrete states, or coordinate nationwide campaigns to achieve clients’ goals simultaneously on federal, state, and local levels.
Team highlights:

  • Members in Washington, D.C., as well as in state capitals throughout the country
  • A variety of bipartisan political veterans, including former federal and state elected officials, senior-level political appointees from several presidential administrations, congressional chiefs of staff, counselors to federal and state agencies, and appointees
  • First-hand experience with and veteran insight into the White House, U.S. Congress, executive branch departments, and regulatory agencies
  • Access to the eyes and ears of state and local government —We know how to generate their interest

We are known for devising and advocating practical and politically viable solutions to complex issues — often in a highly charged political environment. On certain matters, our political strategy calls for a limited and carefully calculated approach; on other matters, we establish broad-based coalitions or mobilize grassroots campaigns. With an in-depth understanding of the statutory and regulatory framework in which issues arise, coupled with strong ties with the White House, executive agencies, Congress, and state decision-makers and opinion leaders, we are positioned as the ideal vanguard for clients’ government relations initiatives. Whether clients need legislation passed or stopped, administrative rules written or changed, trade issues tracked, or funding secured by a government contract, our front-line position can help clients achieve their goals.

  • Boots on the ground to build your brand with policymakers
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring and intelligence on issues affecting a broad range of industries and business interests.
  • Up-to-the-minute updates and a weekly summary of our progress and relevant news to help inform headquarters and guide business strategy
  • Leveraging the Foley PAC to assist in building relationships
  • Advisement on campaign contributions and candidate support, direct lobbying and grassroots mobilization, use of corporate resources, and creating nonprofit entities, coalitions, and trade associations
  • Customized briefings and consultations on political and legislative issues, including detailed assessments of elections and budget issues
  • Legal representation that can be closely coordinated with public policy efforts
  • Coordinated federal and multi-state public affairs representation, as Foley has public policy practices in the Midwest, California, Texas, Massachusetts and Florida
  • Organizing connections through congressional meetings and events for key policymakers
  • Lobbying regulatory filings and reports with all appropriate agencies


The federal Public Policy team is made up of former Members of Congress (from both parties), former House and Senate Chiefs of Staff, and former Administration staffers. We cover the full spectrum of public policy and have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their public policy and political priorities, with extensive experience advocating on behalf of clients involved in various aspects of government.

We invest heavily in building connections both legislatively and politically and have developed many meaningful relationships throughout the House, Senate, and Administration over our many years of experience working in and with the federal government and private sector. Our combined years of government experience enable us to deliver results by working with congressional Republican and Democratic leadership and with key caucuses and committees.