Texas Government Solutions

Foley’s Texas Government Solutions team is a leading lobby team in Texas state and local government. We achieve government affairs solutions for prominent corporations, industry associations, and other clients and assist businesses and others in resolving issues before the government. Whether you need help with lobbying, legislative monitoring and analysis, government incentives, rulemaking, licensing, compliance, enforcement, contracts, or litigation, Foley has a full range of tools and the in-house experience to find solutions. The firm’s depth and breadth of in-house regulatory attorneys and governmental affairs professionals are unmatched in Texas.

The Texas Team

Our Austin office is home to the leading government solutions team in Texas, with a wealth of experience navigating the legislative process, all branches of government, state and local agencies, and their complex regulatory compliance standards. It is also home to a unique federal, state, and local government enforcement defense and investigations (GEDI) and litigation defense team, including the Co-Chair and six members of Foley’s national State Attorneys General practice. Our team members have previously served in prominent governmental roles advising Texas governors, legislators, attorneys general, and secretaries of state. As a result, we establish and maintain longstanding relationships of trust with appointed and elected officials from both political parties and we can pursue bipartisan approaches to solving problems and achieving clients’ goals.

Local Government

In every major city and county in Texas, our clients are well represented by Foley’s Government Solutions team. We are ready and able to deal with land use, zoning, enforcement, incentives, licensing, compliance, contracts, or litigation. With major offices in three of Texas’ largest cities, and with local partners across the entire state, and we ensure that our clients are heard from in the halls of local government.

Government Incentives

Through its Economic Development and Government Incentives (EDGI) practice team, Foley boasts unparalleled experience in Texas when it comes to guiding clients through the state and local government incentives process. Whether it comes to negotiating programs administered by the Governor’s office, or securing local government incentives, Foley’s team has developed a deep bench of experience and relationships which allow you to achieve maximum results. Our team members have worked with every state and local incentive program in Texas, both during their time inside the highest level of government, and after. When it comes to government incentives in Texas, we have you covered.

Political Involvement

To help further your goals, we fund an active Texas political action committee (PAC) which supports statewide elected officials, legislators and judges as part of the electoral process. Our PAC consistently ranks as one of the Top 10 most active lobby firm ACs in Texas, contributing over $250,000 to Texas candidates each election cycle. We are also closely involved with the political contributions made by the various PACs affiliated with our clients.