Yogeeta B. Jadhav

Senior Technical Specialist – Chemistry

Yogeeta B. Jadhav

Senior Technical Specialist – Chemistry

Dr. Yogeeta Jadhav thrives on applying her extensive knowledge of chemistry and leveraging over 15 years of patent practice experience to assist clients in protecting their inventions. Her wide-ranging experience includes preparation and prosecution of patent applications; patentability assessment; freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, and patent validity analysis; and due diligence matters spanning a broad spectrum of technologies, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemical processes, formulations, small molecules, cannabis, food chemistry, batteries, catalysts, polymers, and pet products. She is a member of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Department, Health Care & Life Sciences Sector, and Chemical, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Practice.

Prior to joining Foley, Yogeeta was a patent scientist at Sandoz India Pvt Ltd, the generic pharmaceuticals division of Novartis. She also worked as a research manager with Lupin Limited, a leading global pharmaceutical company based in Pune, India, where she assisted attorneys with respect to drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications; conducting infringement analysis; and evaluating new drug molecules for their patent situation, chemistry, process and technical complexity, and polymorph issues.

After completing her doctoral degree, Yogeeta was a postdoctoral fellow at Monash University in Australia, where she continued her doctoral research focused on the development of a catalytic process for the hydration of aromatic epoxides and phase transfer catalytic reactions in the organic process industry, including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and perfumes, respectively. Her research has resulted in several journal publications and has been presented at national and international conferences.

Presentations and Publications

  • “Role of the Omega Phase in the Analysis and Intensification of Solid-Liquid Phase-Transfer-Catalyzed Reactions,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G., Langmuir, 18 (16), 5995–6002, 2002
  • “Synthesis of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid: Novelties of Kinetics of Inverse Phase Transfer Catalysis,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G., J. Mol Catalysis A: Chemical, 184 (1–2), 151–160, 2002
  • “Kinetics and Modeling of Liquid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalyzed Synthesis of p-chlorophenyl acetonitrile: Role of Co-catalyst in Intensification of Rates and Selectivity,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G., J Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 192, 41–52, 2003
  • “Cascade Engineered Phase Transfer Catalysis: A Novel Concept in Green Chemistry,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G., Clean Tech. Environ. Policy, 6(1), 32–42, 2003
  • “Novelties of Solid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalyzed Synthesis of I-isopropyl-p-chlorophenyl acetonitrile from pchlorophenyl acetonitrile,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G., Organic Process Research & Development, 7(4), 588-598, 2003
  • “Novelties of Kinetics and Mechanism of Liquid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalyzed Reduction of p-nitroanisole to p-anisidine,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G.; Sengupta, S., Chem. Engg. Science, 55(12), 2681–2689, 2003
  • “Selectively Engineered Phase Transfer Catalysis in the Synthesis of Fine Chemicals: Reactions of p-chloronitrobenzene with sodium sulphide,” Jadhav, Y.; Yadav, G.; Sengupta, J. Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 200, 117–129, 2003


  • Hindi (fluent)
  • Marathi (native)
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