Real Estate

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Foley’s Real Estate Practice Group has a leading edge practice assisting private and public clients in complex infrastructure and other P3 projects. Foley’s P3/Infrastructure team has worked with clients to address the many different forms of risk and revenue sharing arrangements between public and private sector entities, including joint ventures, participating or profit sharing leases, long term leases, and other concessions that arise in P3 and infrastructure development projects. Foley has also advised clients on startups and expansions of service, settlement of disputes, government procurement and negotiation of contracts and leases, and has represented both the public and private sides of P3s and infrastructure projects, including investors, developers, public agencies, governmental entities, joint power authorities, bond underwriters, bond insurers, lenders, and utility providers and operators both in the U.S. and abroad. Foley has also been involved in the telecommunications industry, representing owners and developers of cellular and personal communication systems (PCS) in their build-out and financing plans.

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