Multistate and Local

For many companies, especially those without in-house government affairs departments, tracking legislation across multiple states is both daunting and expensive. There is an old adage: if you do not have a seat at the table, you are likely on the menu. Thus, the consequences of failing to be informed of critical legislative or regulatory proposals can be swift and severe and to the detriment of an organization. Foley understands that government solutions is not just about lobbying. Rather, it is the collaboration of government relations, risk management, and corporate communications all working in furtherance of the client’s strategic goals.

Why Foley’s Multistate Government Solutions Practice?

With 21 offices across the United States, we can offer government solutions practice capability across several jurisdictions on your behalf. Foley’s Government & Public Policy attorneys provide a full range of legal and public policy counsel to clients on any matters related to state and local government. While the firm has an especially strong presence in key states, our experienced team likely has contacts and relationships in your state of interest. Our Foley State Attorneys General group also has relationships at the State AG level in all 50 U.S. states.

Foley’s Experienced Team

Foley’s Multistate Tracking professionals actively track state legislative and regulatory issues important to your business, thus giving clients the peace of mind that they are fully informed and possess the latest information. Foley’s professionals have over 60 years of experience obtained by serving in corporate government affairs departments, corporate lobbying teams, and leadership positions in state and local government. We understand that state legislative sessions move very quickly and are not always easy to decipher.

Foley recognizes that time is money, thus every effort is made to relay critical information to our clients as soon as possible. To achieve this, we both utilize state of the art technology and capitalize on our depth of personal relationships across the country.

Foley’s Lobbying Compliance Practice

Our lobbying and ethics compliance attorneys provide advice and counsel to clients and provide lobbying on issues before federal and state executive branch agencies and legislative bodies regarding lobbying registration, disclosure, and reporting. We also provide advice and counsel regarding interaction with public officials and government employees related to gifts and travel provided from private sources. Among other things, our compliance counseling focuses on:

  • Ensuring the timely and accurate filing of lobbying registration with the appropriate federal and state regulatory bodies
  • Developing systems for capturing information needed for lobbying disclosure and reporting and assistance in preparation of lobbying disclosure reports
  • Guiding you through the thicket of federal and state gift and gratuities laws related to gifts to public officials and employees
  • Advising public officials and staff regarding potential ethical issues and conflicts