Strategic Communications

Foley’s Strategic Communications Practice has highly experienced counselors to help you identify your company’s communications goals, messaging, and outreach tactics.

Strategic Communications Hero Image.

In today’s intensely competitive and rapidly changing business environment, knowing what you want to accomplish in the public arena is only half the battle; knowing how to quickly reach and motivate the right audiences in order to successfully accomplish those objectives is the other. The counselors in our Strategic Communications Practice not only can help you define your objectives, but can help ensure that the most important audiences receive the right messages to bring about success — whatever the battle being waged.

Strategic Communications Services

Our Strategic Communications counselors have the breadth and depth of experience needed to handle any issue your company might be facing.

Our services include:

  • Corporate strategy and positioning
  • Public policy strategy and coordination
  • Government relations strategy
  • Planning session facilitation
  • Research coordination and analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Stakeholder communications programs
  • Employee communications programs
  • Litigation support communications
  • Merger and acquisition communications programs
  • Crisis communications
  • Candidate and Initiative campaigns
  • Grassroots development
  • Issue advocacy development

Strategic Communications Strategy

Our Strategic Communications counselors invest time at the front-end of the campaign to develop a clearly defined strategy that encompasses:

  • An understanding of the environment: Our counselors are recognized for their ability to thoroughly assess the environment and leverage trends and/or changes to your advantage.
  • A clear definition of the audience: The key to any campaign is to have a clear understanding of the target audiences. Our counselors will take the time to help you define who needs to hear your message to help ensure victory.
  • A strong, tailored message: Once the target audience is identified, we focus on the best message to reach critical mass. We have established a reputation for successfully generating positive responses from target audiences, without cross-pressuring other critical audiences.
  • An understanding of the most effective medium: Our strategic communications counselors have a solid understanding of the media that will most effectively reach each audience. From television versus print to mail versus Internet, we can guide you in successfully selecting a medium that helps ensure that your message is heard.
  • A clear definition of the competition and opposition: To compete, you must not only know who your competitors are but also how they think. Our strategic communications counselors will help you understand both your opposition and your allies, and then help you anticipate their moves to maximize your opportunity for success.

Strategic Communication for Public Policy Actions

Our Strategic Communications practitioners are recognized for developing strategies, crafting messages, and for designing campaigns to help clients meet clearly defined objectives. After we thoroughly assess the environment and develop a strategic plan that clearly outlines the definition of success, we can help set agreed-upon, clear goals and objectives for your campaign. Once the scope is clear, we can establish a feasible communications strategy, design the message, and outline the tactics, tracking it all within a realistic timeframe.

Our Strategic Communications counselors are highly skilled at rousing positive responses from target audiences while avoiding conflict with other, less strategic audiences. We do it all while anticipating and countering the campaigns and messages put forth by opponents, competitors, and the media. Our goal is always to have your client’s message be heard amidst the competition’s and, ultimately, to enable clients to claim victory.