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The world has entered a new era where products, services, processes, and culture are all undergoing a massive digital transformation powered by cloud computing. As a result of new and improved digital experiences, the worldwide market for cloud-based services continues to expand, with companies across industries transitioning to a cloud-first strategy.

Even companies that do not provide their products via the cloud are finding themselves turning to cloud-based services to operate. Access and consumption points now span across all boundaries including home, work, and mobile as workers and customers collaborate seamlessly using the cloud-enabled digital experience. Due to the ease of access and flexibility offered, many have become accustomed to (and expect) on-demand services regardless of where they are.

With this rapid evolution and large-scale adoption, cloud-based services providers face challenges as they meet new competitive, regulatory, and business landscapes across the globe. These hurdles are complicated by the continually increasing demand not only for resources, but also for new functionalities with around-the-clock availability and high levels of service.

Among Foley’s 1,100 attorneys spanning our business law, intellectual property, and litigation departments, our cloud computing infrastructure and solutions team has unique insights into the challenges facing companies operating in this new era. With our team-oriented, integrated approach to helping clients, we provide you with business guidance in navigating these challenges from the client perspective. We understand not only your business models, but also the technology of the underlying systems and how to best protect, leverage, and monetize your company’s innovations. Our technology-focused business counselors help cloud-based companies form, acquire funding, operate and scale, and take advantage of merger, acquisition, or public offering opportunities. And our cloud-aware litigation team is ready to help you navigate and protect against the regulatory, compliance, and competitive risks you face every day.

In every arena, including venture capital and private equity, cybersecurity and privacy, compliance and intellectual property, or regulatory and government relations, Foley’s integrated cloud computing infrastructure and solutions team act as your trusted business advisors providing prescriptive counseling and guidance to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you are a technology company deploying the cloud, a non-traditional company transitioning to the cloud, or a new company innovating in the cloud, we have helped hundreds of companies like you reach their goals.