Mark Neuberger Offers Guidance for Employers Amid Increased Unionization Efforts

27 January 2023 World at Work News

Foley & Lardner LLP Of Counsel Mark Neuberger is quoted in the World at Work article, “Employers Should Remain Vigilant Amid Increased Union Activity,” offering guidance for employers and sharing insight into the increase in unionization efforts across the country.

Neuberger cites five primary causes for the rise in union activity: chronic wage disputes, high inflation, general economic and political insecurity, and greater awareness of workers.

“Some unions are finally understanding how to use social media to effectively play on the above issues to their benefit,” he explained.

Neuberger also detailed several strategies organizations can pursue to help ease tensions with employees. “Treat your workers fairly and honestly and communicate with them like they are people, not a fungible good or tool. First- and second-line supervision are the weakest link in most companies. If that is true for your organization, fix it through proper training and recruitment,” he said.

“Remember, any union has to show workers they have something of value to offer in exchange for union dues. Make your employees see they are better off without a union,” he added.

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