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Manufacturing is not just coming back. It’s dramatically moving forward. At an astonishing speed, manufacturing and technology are converging, transforming 20th century assembly lines into highly innovative 21st century enterprise-wide systems with ever-shifting business partners, process improvements, cutting-edge technologies, and customer-mined preference data close at hand.

Knowledge and innovation, not just metal, are critical raw materials for this next generation of manufacturing, and the U.S. government is fully supporting it, committing more than $1 billion to advanced U.S. manufacturing during the next three years. Companies looking to thrive are fundamentally changing how they organize and operate, as business models are being reinvented and global supply chain management is undergoing a revolution.

Welcome to next-generation manufacturing — the wave of the future.

Foley has been a trusted advisor to leading U.S. manufacturers for more than
170 years — it is an industry we are proud to know well.

Many of Foley’s clients are at the forefront of this new industrial revolution, and we want to be right there with them, delivering innovative thought leadership to help them achieve their evolving strategic goals. New opportunities in next-generation manufacturing bring new challenges: talent and resource shortages, changing patterns of demand, newly enhanced manufacturing technologies and an array of process improvements, global supply chains and the effects of collaboration, regulatory compliance, and access to new sources of capital, to name only a few. We understand these challenges and can meet the emerging demand for legal services and skills not traditionally utilized by mainstream manufacturing companies.

Foley has developed a Legal Innovation Hub® for NextGen Manufacturers, where manufacturing clients can engage in candid exchanges about next-generation manufacturing issues with seasoned Foley attorneys and other advisors. Together with our clients, we are taking a holistic approach to the evolving industry, focusing on emerging next-generation issues such as continuous process improvement; customer-focused innovation; human capital acquisition, development, and retention; enterprise-wide supply and distribution chain management and collaboration; sustainability; global engagement; reshoring; facilities siting, reconfiguration, and management; foreign direct investment; strategic acquisitions and divestitures; government and public affairs; next-generation technologies; and “Big Data,” as well as traditional areas such as corporate, labor, tax, and IP.

Comprised of attorneys and business advisors spanning all practices and industry teams in the firm, it is the most comprehensive look at an industry the firm has ever taken. Through our blogs, social media platforms, events, roundtable discussions, and partnerships with industry associations such as the National Association of Manufacturing and the Manufacturing Leadership Council, academia, government, and other consulting firms, we are providing forward-thinking legal and business insight relevant to innovative manufacturers.

Foley has been a trusted advisor to leading U.S. manufacturers for more than 170 years — it is an industry we are proud to know well. With our Legal Innovation Hub, we intend to remain at the forefront of this new, exciting, and highly dynamic industry, working shoulder to shoulder with our manufacturing clients to help them achieve their next-generation strategic business goals.