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4th Annual Business of Personalized Medicine Summit: Strategies for Partnering and Collaboration

28 March 2017


  • South San Francisco Conference Center
    255 South Airport Boulevard
    South San Francisco, CA 94080


8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PT

Contact Information

Allison Jones
Foley is pleased to co-host the 4th Annual Business of Personalized Medicine Summit: Strategies for Partnering and Collaboration.

In today’s era of unprecedented opportunity and complexity within personalized medicine, it has become critical for innovators in the space to adopt a collaborative approach with outside experts in order to quickly and affordably bring new products and services to market. And, as it turns out, collaboration may also be the key to achieving mainstream clinical adoption.

The 4th Annual Business of Personalized Medicine Summit will examine in depth the financial-, regulatory-, policy-, R&D-, and technology-related challenges, trends, and opportunities impacting the marketplace and the future of health care by highlighting some of the innovative partnering and collaboration taking place throughout the industry. Join top executives from across multiple stakeholder perspectives to explore strategies for capitalizing on this challenging yet profitable market, plus solutions for advancing the field.

Summit co-host, the Personalized Medicine Coalition, will set the tone for the day with introductory remarks entitled, “Pioneering Precision: Industry’s Move Toward a Targeted Era.” PMC will present quantitative data on the status of industry’s efforts in personalized medicine and an analysis of the challenges to continued progress. The talk will illustrate, among other trends, the impressive pace at which new personalized medicines are reaching the marketplace.

Opening Keynote

SETTING THE STAGE: An inside look at recent trends and outcomes in personalized medicine investments and joint ventures, plus a forecast for future innovation and funding in the space
Featuring Nick Naclerio, PhD, Founder & Managing Partner, Illumina Ventures

Closing Keynote

BEHIND THE SCENES: An exclusive look at the formation of dRx Capital AG and the strategy behind the Novartis and Qualcomm digital/pharma collaboration
Featuring Lucian Iancovici, MD, and Aaron Nelson, MD, PhD, General Partners, dRx Capital AG, a Novartis and Qualcomm Joint Investment Company

Featured Sessions

  • Financing Strategies for Precision Medicine Ventures
  • Moving Targets: Strategies to Prepare for Reimbursement Trends and Changes in Payment Policies
  • Expanding the Possibilities of Personalized Medicine Through Collaborative Data Collection, Sharing, and Analysis
  • Pushing the Envelope: Innovative Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies and Applications
  • Creating a Coordinated Path Forward: Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Adoption Challenges and Solutions from Big Pharma’s Perspective
  • Launching a Precision Medicine Program: Real-World Solutions to Practical Challenges

NEW! First Pitch: Personalized Medicine Demo Day

In addition to all sessions, program materials, lunch, and the closing reception, this year’s Summit registration includes access to the California Technology Council’s First Pitch: Personalized Medicine demo day, which will involve presentations by Seed to Series A stage startups, investors, and researchers with genomics, diagnostics, and tool concepts at pre-commercial stages.

Who Should Attend

  • Business, legal, and health care professionals interested in industry leaders’ real-world experience on the current state of personalized medicine and where growth and opportunity exist
  • Business, legal, and health care professionals interested in discussions regarding the regulatory framework for diagnostics and targeted therapies
  • Executives and entrepreneurs interested in hearing diverse perspectives on both the development and delivery of personalized medicine therapies
  • Payors interested in current status and future possibilities regarding reimbursement of personalized medicine technologies
  • Corporate counsel in life sciences and health care provider organizations
  • Health care professionals working in the field of personalized medicine
  • Health care and life sciences investors
  • Researchers and academic personnel
  • Non-profit organizations

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