Stoll Quoted on Clean Water Rule Challenge

06 September 2016 Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report News

Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report

Partner Richard Stoll was quoted in a Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report article, “High Court Review Sought Over Venue for Water Rule Challenge,” on September 6, 2016. The article discussed the National Association of Manufacturers’ petition asking the Supreme Court to review multiple Clean Water Act provisions, and the likelihood of the Supreme Court accepting the petition. Stoll said there is a decent chance the Supreme Court would accept the petition because it only needs four votes to grant certiorari. He was quoted saying, “It is pretty extraordinary for the court to take up something that is ‘interlocutory,’ but the court has been known to do some pretty extraordinary things lately – think staying the Clean Power Plan. Since only a definitive ruling by the Supreme Court can undo this mess, I think the court ought to take this up now.”

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