Swift Comments on Democrats' Proposed Solution to Migrant Caravans

06 February 2019 Washington Times News

Partner Christopher Swift was quoted in a Washington Times article, "Democrats embrace nation-building in Central America as answer to migrant caravans," about the Democrats' plan to stop migrant caravans from overrunning the southern border.

Swift said there is merit in nation building in Central America, but that it won't be easy. "We've screwed it up so many times down there that it is hard to know how to do it," he said. "We've done a lot of things that haven't worked [but] you have to take away the source of what threatens people and those things are gangs, drugs and corrupt officials."

He also said nation building is no substitute for border security and more effective immigration laws. "It's not either-or," he said. "In the near term we have to be concerned about border security as well. But as long as we're focused on a wall, on these simple superficial things on both the left and the right, we will never get things right in Central America."

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